Saturday, January 3, 2009

spin spin sugar

So I went to spin class (or cycle class, whatever you call it) today and my first observation is GOOD LORD I've never seen so many people there at 3pm on a Saturday, not to mention the LINE in front of me to purchase gym memberships (all I was trying to get was a freakin' water and some change for the locker!). Seriously!

That's not what I wanted to say but I was seriously flabbergasted.

So I went to spin class, like you do and it was about 4:10 (the class started at 4:15) and there was no sign of an instructor. Not too weird. With there being so many people, I've had instructors come in late for sheer lack of parking. 4:15... nothing. 4:25... someone goes to ask the staff about the instructor and to maybe see about getting the stereo working in the mean time. The reason why is that we're all die-hards and no one was willing to leave the class, everyone just kept on spinning (not swimming). I thought, well I've got a bike, which is more than I can say about getting a treadmill out in the gym, let alone being able to run for 45 minutes to an hour, so I was going to stay.

What I loved? With no instructor insight and a mix CD obtained, 2 women decided, hey, why not!? and got up to lead the class. I also loved that we were just... keepin' on the keepin' on. We've (I'm assuming most of the class) all taken classes before and we know what to do to get us going, so even without a leader, we could do pretty well on our own. So why not keep going?

Classic! I loved it! It only comes in second to the class I took in Long Beach where Rudy (one of my favorite insturctors at the downtown 24 hr. fitness) taught a class sans music because the machine was broken. Some people left, but a good bit of us stayed behind with nothing more but his barking orders and shouting encouragment.

I love a challenge.

This is where my health kick comes in. I'm not a health nut. Good lord, no! I drink too much, I smoke from time to time and I don't mind bacon in a few meals or not substituting butter.

I do, however, love the feel of my body moving, of my muscles working.

I was pretty athletic as a kid. It was always one sport or another and I was good at track in junior high. Then there was always my long time love, ballet. I was in ballet for about 7 years and there's nothing that you feel more than the movement of your body, the working of your muscles. It take a lot to keep the leg hovering, the feet in a quick step, the leaps across the floor. In ballet, one works to make one's body make something that takes so much effort look effortless.

I. Miss. This.

I knew I'd never be a ballerina; I just don't have the body type for it even at my pique physique. Still, I adore dancing and I just love the soreness that one gets after a good workout, the kind that reminds you that you have a body and that you can use it. I've always loved to be able to feel the physical aspects, in all ways, of my body. Yes, I'm a very physical person.

This is why I love to feel not only comfortable in my own skin, but also the burn of a good workout, a good run, or a night of dancing.

I'm alive and I like everything that comes with this body.


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Will not resist.
Getting it fixed.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to watch you dance a few years back... it was Arvo Part's Tabula Rasa and it was beautiful and wonderful... I loved the music and the dancing... I even went out and bought the CD... even to this day, he is one of my favorite composers because of that night... maybe you can suggest it as background music for your Spin class next time...ha!... Spin, Spin, Sugar - Sneaker Pimps! That was actually my favorite song on that CD...

Anonymous said...
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