Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The hair debate

Every time I go get my haircut recently I struggle with this question:

To cut or not to cut?

I've cut it off once but I've never gone back to it which is what makes me want to do it again. It feels more like I dreamnt it except there are pictures.

SO the question is: To look like a 12-year-old boy or no? (ha! that was the assessment of what my hair looked like when I did it, although I thought it was really cute).

Here are some pics to compare:

Short (May2008)

Current Length (Curly and Straight)

What's a girl to do? If you have an opinion, please see my poll on the side bar.

... and of course, I'm keeping the blue.


Anonymous said...

Lovin' the short. That's my vote. But you have to go with what makes you feel dead sexxah, right?

Ceci Virtue said...

@morganpdx See, I loved it short too! The curls aren't as pronounced which is what certain friends were missing... but I loved it and it was easy. If you were to look at most of my photos from through-out time, this is my default haircut and I think I've just grown tired of it. I'm setting up an appointment for a haircut, that's why I'm asking... and I REALLY REALLY want to go short again.

Marginalia said...

If you really really want to go short again, then I think you have your answer already:)

Ceci Virtue said...

@Chloe I know, right?! But last time I went to him I said I was going to go Short like I did in May and I ... didn't!

I don't know WHY! and it's not like I hated my cut. I just, have a hard time going short again because I'm afraid I'll regret it. However, like my friend William said, "It's not like it can't grow back."

Marginalia said...
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Marginalia said...

This discussion reminds me of the season finale of 30 Rock last year- Liz says to Jack "I guess I've gotten to the age where I don't care what people think of me anymore," and Jack replies "You're going to get an urge to cut your hair very short. Fight that."

Ceci Virtue said...

@Chloe Bwahahahahahaha!!!

So 32 is that age??? I've always wanted short hair... even when I was 8! I had super long hair that everyone said was "so pretty!"

Tomboys care not for such things!

Liz said...

I just read a study that says women feel their sexiest at 32 and I concur! Do what makes you feel dead sexy! You have to bring your A-game to Paris, mon amie!

Scott said...

I think you look good in all of the pictures. But if you really want to look hot you have to go with the Kid N Play haircut

~:{ ... }:~ said...


O, jesus.
Well there ya go.

thedr9wningman said...