Friday, January 30, 2009

Go to the Mattresses

Friday, I'm coming in fighting!

I'm not gonna let you defeat me like Thursday was close to doing; I've brought my arsenal. I'm fighting back.

I warn you, my head's in the speakers and we all know how that goes!

"Felt so sick today but cured by your noise
My head in the speakers is drowning out volumes..."
~Robots in Disguise~

Bring it.


Bee said...

LOL!! I swear I used that same quote on Friday! I hope you did kick its ass!

Ceci Virtue said...

@Bee hahahahh was it because of Milton??

I gave it a good HIII-ya! but then I sort of went into a wine stupor as of 5:30. Seriously, I was in bed by 9:30!