Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In support of Chloé

... who's now officially a grad student and will one day be an EXCELLENT librarian!

When they make an action figure of you, Chloé, you bet I'll buy one! That way I can pretend you're showing it to me, doing it with me... well, you get the picture...


Anonymous said...

The song cracked me up... thanks for visiting my blog, by the way... I enjoyed your comments a great deal - especially the singing of the song - that was special... so, really - thanks! - You know the phrase that you have on your "about me" part? The one in German: "I know now what no angel knows" - I like that... where's that from?

Ceci Virtue said...

@Pehdroh I know! The song really cracked me up and I think it's VERY fitting for my friend Chloé, who's QUITE the vixen.
I like your blog! Keep writing on it and I'll keep reading and posting! It gives me more insight into YOUR life, you know. You're not the only one that felt as though there was some odd disconnect and that now we need to reseal that gap!
As for the phrase... it's my favorite from Wings of Desire... that and another one that I have in another post but I'm not going to tell you 'cause it has a final scene in it!
I'll tell you if you tell me you won't see it... but I want to at least give you the option 'cause it's a REALLY good movie (I love love LOVE it!)