Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm sorry, come again?


It's time for another Coraline post!

In today's Coraline post I'd like to point out to the LA contingency that, according to Mr. Gaiman's blog, there's a Coraline exhibition at Universal Studios. He (and the Universal Studios website) reports that:
"The miniature stop-motion animation set pieces and figures in this exhibit are shown courtesy of Henry Selick and the team of talented artists at Laika Entertainment."

I'd love to see that! Please go see it for me.

And ... ok... for all you PDX kids out there... tickets for the Coraline Premier will go on sale on January 28th at noon. Tickets will be $50. You can see a little more info on that here.

If any of you kids want to SEND me to see this movie, please do! I just can't do $50 right now. Weird, huh?