Friday, November 13, 2009

See that?! I have a new look... well sorter me (HAIRCUT!) but mainly the blog. The bride didn't fit anymore... ANNNNDDD I finally got my blog pointing to my very own domain. Mine.

I'm doing a little snoopy happy dance inside.


I'm also working on my other project with Missing Link, Ink. Well... I'm trying to. It's all a great idea... but right now it stands as just that... an idea.


However, I feel fierce and new. I'm gaining more insight on how this machine called my brain works and how I, the me that is me, can use it best. I've got a better grasp on the view of things and like a child learning to walk, I'm falling and standing and stepping and wobbling. A lot. Down stairs. Literally.


It's hard and frustrating because it's all about teetering on that edge between giving up and sighing as you dust off your bottom to try again.

Amazing isn't it?