Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love my pen. It's a fountain pen... the kind that you have to dip into the ink to refill, not the cartridge kind, and I ADORE it! The boyo gave it to me as a gift for our wedding. He wanted me to keep doing what I love, to keep on writing, so he bought me the thing I always told myself I would buy ONE DAY, and that is a super nice fountain pen.

I got him an electric guitar, with help from Stephen to pick it out. I want him to keep doing the things he loves doing, because those are important as well. A while ago he had sold his old Fender Telecaster that he loved because we needed the money when we had moved out on our own. I hated selling it and told him so, but he sold it because he hardly played it, we needed the money and he would hardly be able to play it in the studio we had gotten. In other words, it was impractical.

So we got each other gifts that reflect what the other person loves, no matter how "frivolous." The moral of the story here is: nothing you love is silly or not worth it. Even if it has NOTHING to do with your job or if it's something that you think you should pawn if you're in need of money, DON'T GET RID OF IT! You love it, it's a part of you and you just have to learn to fit it into your life again. Don't give up the things you love.

Today I refill it.