Friday, January 9, 2009

This has been a bad week, kids.

First I felt a disconnect from all my old friends. Then work was sofa king busy that I thought Monday was its own week and Tuesday a 2nd one! It's just been REALLY crazy (so much so that there was talk yesterday of canceling our already late Holiday party that's today!) around the office. Then there's just all sorts of other things....

Well, I GIVE UP!
Perhaps more on some of this weeks topics later, however, right now... I just wouldn't do them justice as I would be very very whiny!

In the meantime, here are some links to keep you from feeling the way I do:

- Here's an interview with Miss Amanda Fucking Palmer over at where AFP can be "heard" to say:
Yes. Do not be afraid to do the things in your head. They might not make sense to anybody else, but as long as they make sense to you, that's what counts. Also, never have a plan B. Plan B will kill you.

*swoon* I heart her.

- In that my darling friend Chloé will be the best Librarian in the history of librarians once she graduates, I've been thinking of literature a lot. Books that are worth reading, books that people SAY you should read and are worth it, and books that people say you should read and you have to wonder..."Really??" I came across this interesting article via Neil Gaiman's journal (I know, I go there a lot and go forth to spread what I read there... well, here).

- Speaking of the marvelous (did I forget to say that she's marvelous? 'cause she is!) Chloé, her sister Sam (HA!) is writing a Relationship column over at the Chicago Examiner. Chloé's quite the wit, so I checked out Sam's piece here and found that they are a talented family! (Don't even get me started on Chloé's dad! London and the boyo know what I'm talking about. Love that family! They only come second to Jane's family...)

Ok now! Move along! Be happy that I didn't interact with you much this week!

Here's a good impersonation of my expression as done via the cuteness that's Little Big Planet. He's saying: "You people make my ass twitch."


~:{ ... }:~ said...

What the hell does "sofa king" mean?
I see it everywhere...and all it
brings to mind is an obese man with
a stain wife beater oozing all over
an old stained couch. Ugh.

Please explain.

Ceci Virtue said...

In a sense it's me censoring myself...
However, it's not like I don't curse on here, I just love that one can get away with Sofa King on television. It all started with Aqua Teen Hungerforce where they had to chant "Eye Yam Sofa King Wee Tar Did" and it worked despite the fact that they were bleeped all the time.

It's a say it out loud thing.

I'm sofa king childish.

Unknown said...

Ceci Virtue said...

hahahahahah yeah... something like that.