Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I'm currently writing from work.

I've tried not to as it doesn't make for good writing, but it's the only place that I have reliable internets. Once I get a couple of paychecks, we're getting cable. So far we've been piggy-backing which had been successful up until the past month or 2. People have gotten wise in our 'hood where there used to be many open WiFi networks and which to use depended on the strength of the signal.

Ah well, it lasted as long as it needed to, but has made it hard for me to use the internet at home.

It's my birthday week! I'm 35 this week and feeling awesome! This week, I'm only doing a slight reflection of where I was a year ago and focusing on where I am now. It's good to remember and it's better to see what one has accomplished/ is accomplishing.

"Now picture leaving my house. Thanks."

Things have changed a lot and I know it... and I take it all in together - the happy and the sad... I see it as all... good. I'm happy for the growth and the lessons, the changes in so many things. I've never felt more me.