Thursday, July 26, 2007

why? you might ask...

because I have a boy named Da5id

he wrote this which I just happened upon

ok... i'm going to go get a tissue now

Monday, July 23, 2007

I've returned to the land of the living after being away for Merilee's and Gabe's wedding in South Dakota


I had a FABULOUS time with everyone...a definite joining of not just these 2, but of their friends and family ...and I think we all loved each other... well, mostly ;)

came the release of the new(and last) Harry Potter book on Friday, July 20th at midnight (so technically, July 21st...) ....and I've spoken to very few since...
Also, I have work...which is what kept me from going to celebrate Linda's birthday on Saturday (happy birthday Linda!)

but it's what's only allowed me to get 4 hours of sleep IF I'M LUCKY for the past couple of nights....

Last night I had dreams of Snape and R.A.B.

so now... the spell is broken, I've finished the book ...and I feel exhausted!

*gives a weak smile*

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I'm an idiot...

I think that my body/face has decided it's going through a new puberty/ shedding to change. It's been getting weird rashes, bumps, and pimples; it's more sensitive than usual and it's driving me nuts!!!
I feel like I'm 15 again.

One of the things that it's doing is making my eyelids très sensitive and dry. They were peeling a few weeks back... just out of dryness ...despite what I used on them. After a little bit it got better... didn't feel bad... or as bad... so I kinda forgot...

Sunday...Jill's wedding. I figured I should get the waxing done...
can you see where this is going?
So I asked for the usual...which is everything: bikini, legs, underarms, upper lip and... yes, eyebrows.

Well... the eyebrows were a BAD idea. HORRID idea.
I dunno if it was the wax that burnt them...or that it tore a layer off... but everyone thinks that I have makeup on... a red line underlining my eyebrows...just... so.

It looks like this:

the gap

See this thing???

NO! not the cleavage!

That GAP right there????... kinda looks like I'm sneering doesn't it??

So the other day at the dentist's office, she (the dentist) said something to me about it (the gap) ... mind you, I've asked about this before of my past dentists and they'd always said the same thing... that it's no big deal...that I should just leave it... I'm asked if I want to do something about it.
why?! should i??? is it bad?? is that why you're asking????

So it made me think of something Sarah told me. She told me that once she was telling Sam (her ex) a story about me and she said, "Oh the one with the missing tooth?"
Sarah said, "She doesn't have a tooth missing!"


Does it REALLY look that bad???

and THEN!

Wait 'til I tell you the story about another beauty mishap! Oh, just you wait! Well you can kinda see it in the picture...but you have to know it's there...and you really can't get the full devastation of it unless it's a sans makeup picture...and I give you a good shot of it...

I'd do it now but it requires taking a picture... downloading it...uploading it...writing a post about it...and I'm supposed to be sleeping!!! It's the middle of the night and I have to work at 6am!!!

ok.... really... that is another story and shall be told another time...

Monday, July 9, 2007

I present...

Jill and Dan's wedding

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Another question...

so...When does one announce one's registry?
When one is all done with it?, although Da5id and I are still getting things on there.
I mean...sure... you guys know, but what about everyone else?

Advice here guys... please

Lovingly yours,

The Bride

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

it's Sofa King HOT!


has to be about 90...
*checks weather*
ok so it's about 85 degrees with 51% humidity... but that's pretty bad!

There's a special warning on MSN that reads:

It's a good thing we have all these windows! If not...I might die in here without air conditioning!

*grumbles* take advantage of air conditioning... sheesh

someone move me out of this state and into a cooler one!

honestly, Jill... I dunno how you're doing it

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Can you DO that?!

so Da5id and I are having fun "registering" for stuff ... and we decided was the place to go to register for some very "ceci and da5id" stuff

So i asked the boyo, "Do you think we can register for a Playstation3?!?!?!"
He: " I don't think we can do that"
Me: "Well Albert at the store said he'd get it for me."
He: "Then Albert can get it for us...but I don't think we can put that on there"
Me: "well, if you think about it, if everyone from the store put in $10....that would definitely do it!"
He:" You do that..."

....and i DO think I will
but ... really... what is ok to put on one's registry??? What if you put it on it much like I might put "I want a trust fund" on my wish list????

just curious....
but yeah....notice how the games out number... everything???

Shock and Awe

Let's see...
There are about 195 days until the wedding...
that's less than 6 months...
and that's....scary.

This... is an insight into the mind of the girl who never thought she'd be a bride, never wanted to be a bride...and sometimes (despite spending eternity with her boyo) sometimes doesn't want to be a bride.

This may be messy.