Friday, June 24, 2011 ©2011

It's been a year since that day that I packed up my stuff and got on a plane from Portland, OR to Lexington, KY.

It's been a year since I slept alone, when I could sleep, with the glow from Eddie the Shipboard's Computer's screen softly lighting the room.

It's been a year since I've stopped feeling nauseous, stopped twitching and stopped feeling like there was a hole in the middle of me.

It's been a year since I've left the people I loved and held dear in order to start again somewhere else where I now have new people I love and hold dear.


Mainly, it's been a year since I set out to do what a lot of people didn't understand, what I felt was best for me and what some people didn't think would work. I took a chance and I think it's paid off rather well. I'm a happier, smarter and better me. People don't always understand the chances taken, the things I do, nor the moves I make. It's sad to lose people, but I have to remain true to me, so I take my chances. If I do it well enough, a good chunk of those people aren't lost, just not so near in proximity.

Today I choose to remember those I've met in my life, near and far, who remain by me or have left. There are bittersweet memories, but there are also some very triumphant ones.

To everyone that's been there for me and with me, I thank you. My life is better because of you, if only through a lesson, an inspiration, or the drive to prove that I'm right for me whether you understand it or not.

To taking chances in life - may all of you feel it's the most important thing you ever do!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rich Lam/Getty Images © 2011

This picture struck me today. I got it from this NPR article.

Sometimes I have to remember that in the midst of all the chaos, I still love you. That's the way it should be, even when the world is falling apart around us... most likely from our own doing.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Still no at home internets, although I'm lucky enough today to have found a little bit of WiFi open today.

It's a good thing that they aren't working, really, as this makes it easy for me not to post anything dumb and makes it so that I don't have to lock down the blog again for fear of what I may vent.

I've hit a bit of a depression pocket and I'm trying to work through it, but it's done little for my writing as I end up going in circles over a current situation and a variation on one of my favorite stories. I know. The depression should technically help with my writing, but currently it's just making my head spin and it comes off as... formless. Dunno how else to put it.

I have a need to work on things, though, and lately I've been working on everything but my writing.

Thought I'd keep you guys posted. Chloé, I still owe you a letter.