Thursday, April 28, 2011

Side note: I've been horrid at blogging, despite my promises but I am not giving up!

Today is the one year anniversary of the day that Stephen and I hooked up. That's right... a year ago I was here on my second day of visiting my friends in Lexington.

I'm not one that's big on anniversaries (just ask the David-Formerly-known-as-My-Husband... which is also the symbol "5"), but it's interesting to think that my little decision to take my vacation anyway and just come out to visit Stephen and Neely anyway (a volcano ruined my trip to France/ Maile's wedding), got me here.

Life, my friends, is a weird and wonderful thing.

You know... I think the title for this blog is quite appropriate.

Life is strange. I'm living in Lexington, KY.

Let me say that again... I'm living in Lexington, KY.

Did you ever think this is one place I'd go?
I know, me neither.
WHY Lexington? Well, because of a)Stephen and b) it felt like the right thing to do.

This blog is open again.

I think know I like love this...

Friday, April 8, 2011

More beauty

My picture therapy from yesterday helped me a lot.

The day ended well and we had a great evening seeing friends we hadn't seen in a while new to our neighborhood. We talked when we got home and made sure everything was settled, which is always lovely.

We live and we learn.

I figured I'd share some other pictures I found so more could enjoy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Truth and Beauty

... is what I need today.

I keep remembering a line from Beowulf
"Alone in a world blown clear of love
hung with icicles... "

I apparently do it to myself.

Last night I stubbornly fought with Stephen about something that I can see through my sober head today I was wrong about. I fought to win. It was stupid and pointless and really did nothing save hurt him.

Now he's hurt and it was pointless and somehow this all bleeds into our trip to Chicago in a couple of weeks.

I've always had a thing for Shiva, and I'm apparently quite good at destroying something in a few minutes with far-reaching effects.

Also, today I feel like an idiot at work because my mind is having issues grasping simple things, today my mind is a sieve.

So... I'm trying to cure this with pictures. I took a time out from work to look at places that I gather pictures that make me smile and inspire me.

That's my attempt at being positive... at least visually.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Why not "do"?

Photos © Sam Taylor-Wood

There are days when I feel like I'm floating and falling at the same time. It's those days when I don't know whether I can take what I have and make it into something or if it's just crap. My question currently is... how natural is it really to have that?

As children, we are told and believe that we can do anything. We could be painters, the president, an astronaut, a dancer... You name it and it's ok to dream that big. I try to instill that in my friends and for the most part they don't let me down and end up inspiring me! When Amander was hmm-ing and haw-ing about applying to Yale's grad school, I said do it. When London was having the same feelings about going to Central St. Martin's in London, I said do it. A lot of us told the both of them, "Just try it!" So they did and... they did! Amanda got in and so did David. Where are they now? They're still doing what it is that they want to do in order to do what it is they want to do.

Sorry if I embarrass you guys but I am pretty damn proud of the both of you.

ANYWAY! My point...

My point is that we lose this. Why? Is it egotistical of me to think that I can do anything? Will I be letting myself down in the long run? OR... maybe... maybe I will just go ahead and do, maybe I will accomplish more than I ever have and ever thought (but did dream and hope) that I could?

I'm reminded of Tracy's New Year's resolution one year that she told me about. She vowed (and correct me where I'm wrong, Tracy) to just be awesome (or was it to tell everyone how awesome you are??). She was (and is) and the year was great!

So maybe... and I hope you come along with me on this one, guys... maybe what I... what we need to do is just do so that we will, and thereby accomplish all those things we've always wanted to.
Then again, maybe I'm just manic.

Ah, ha!... but what if I'm not??

Fall with me... fly with me. The worst that could happen is... we don' why not... do?