Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where in the WORLD is Ceci Bean?

So I know that I haven't been on a lot lately and I've just been posting bits and I am very sorry and I miss my little blog.

The thing is that November saw me attempting NaNoWriMo, plus the Thanksgiving holiday, and I just had very little time to do much else. It seriously zapped me of all but the energy that running or spin class helped me regain.

December found me winning NaNoWriMo (50,056 words submitted by 11:55pm on Sunday, November 30th) and instead of being OVERJOYED on Monday... the vile green negativity monster reared its ugly head and I felt exhausted. EWW! Mainly I think it was just shear exhaustion, so I gave myself a week off and decided to do nothing but CRAM my social calendar and listen to lots of music!

The good news is that I let myself do all sorts of things that I hadn't been able to do. On Tuesday I went to see Un Conte de Noël with Kat. Wednesday was just as bad as Monday and I felt sick and exhausted again. Thursday was better and Pocket arrived! We went to Tony Starlight's for dinner and a show with Linda Lee Michelet doing Peggy Lee songs. The food was excellent, the staff was better than excellent and the show was magnificent. She's playing again on the 18th and we're hoping to go.

We did soo many things that I'll post on later, however, I wanted to explain that I was exhausted/busy/ exhausted again...

I will be posting more, I promise.

Now...for an early bed! WEIRD!