Thursday, December 11, 2008

Have you heard about this?

I just heard about it.

So I'm trying to come back to the present/catch up, but there's a lot I've missed in the past 3 weeks!

Again, I was catching up on Neil Gaiman's blog, which usually ends up with me catching up on Amanda Palmer's blog/tour info (BAH! she's in PDX tomorrow and I've no money for tickets... even if they are only $22 plus those ghastly charges) and that's where I got news about The Rebellyon all caused by this:

Amanda's Belly(from her the pic-y).

To sum up, Roadrunner wanted Amanda to fix/change/edit her video for Leeds United because they said that her belly was not attractive.

Here's the video:

I read the story from The Guardian through a link in Neil's blog and you can see her post about it in her blog (that link's on her belly pic above). I think her belly looks fine! I think she looks GREAT! What the hell are they on about?!

That is one of the many reasons as to WHY I love Amanda Palmer.