Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm getting a WEEE bit better. I'm hoping that working from home again today will allow me the rest I need to be, well at least 90%... Hell, I'll settle for 85%, better by tomorrow!

So the holidays are upon us and I'm sorter Eh about them. Don't get me wrong, kids, I love this time of year 'cause things slow down and, aside from the shopping bit (which I've had NONE of thank you very much!), people are generally pretty nice. There's also a kind of magic in the air. Maybe it's the colder weather... who knows!?

It's just gonna be WEIRD! I'm used to a BIG Mexican Christmas and a big Friends gathering for New Year's Eve. This year... well all the Mexicans save this one are in So Cal and the friends I usually see for the holidays will be mostly in So Cal too, but a few are scattered around the globe.

I'm not depressed about this, although it sounds like it, doesn't it? It's just, different and I don't have that usual giddy excitement about going to my tia's (that's "aunt's" in Spanish) and sitting around the table being catty with them and drinking or about what we'll be doing for New Year's; generally impromptu, always fun.

No, instead I think I'm just sort of... quietly excited? happy? about the unknown of what I'll do this year for the holidays. Maybe start a new tradition, maybe a new party. Any thing is possible!

Still, I can't help but think ahead to next New Year's Eve, for which I'm already giddy over. The Clan (which means the friends...mostly Irvine and some from other contingencies) will be gathering for one of our usual trips to Europe, this time for Asef's wedding AND Hogmanay 2009/2010 (The Revenge, Part Deux)!

The giddy part has not only to do with Scotland and another Hogmanay (although that is pretty exciting in itself), but has to do with a gathering of ALLLLL our friends for another one of those inconceivably great gatherings that we are so known for. The last major one was my wedding and looked like this (with some people missing 'cause they passed out or had to go put passed out people down):

I know, I know... I post this pic a lot (and if you click on it you can see a bigger version)...but I LOVE IT, kids, I love it!
Do you see those people!?? Can you imagine them (well, some of them...and some not pictured... and some who couldn't make it) gathered in Scotland for a wedding right before Hogmanay!? Oh the insanity!

*wipes a tear *
Yeah yeah yeah! I miss my friends... and I know we'll always gather no matter where we are or what we'll be doing

...bunch of drunks!


Anonymous said...

Like you, I am counting down the days until A&J's wedding (377 - see??). It will be amazing to have everyone together again.

~:{ ... }:~ said...

Waat are we heeeya? Chopped Liva?

There's a pretty great group of drunks right `chere who are excited about drinking till insanity on New Years witchoo. I'll even be catty in Spanish for you....although it might sound a lot like mushmouth.


Ceci Virtue said...

AWWWW !!! that's not what I mean! I just miss our usual shenanigans...and knowing that siad shenanigans will be in scotland makes me giddy. However, I'm VERY curious as to how this year will be spent. Wiwwie and I were saying that she and Soggy should come 'round for pre-drinkies and then we'd try a pub crawl if there was no admission. What say you?