Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blues on a Sunday

Sometimes Sundays get me down... mainly because I'm not looking forward to the rest of the week and sometimes I'll account it to a hangover. This one seems to have a little bit of both.

Usually 2 things that I can do on my own can help me with this. One is a bath and the other is singing. If I cannot take a bath, or don't have the proper time for one, I generally try to sing to myself. If the bath can be done, then singing is not only mandatory, but somehow automatic.

I tend to sing a lot, though, and have even been known to sing myself out of a migraine. Something about it, about remembering the lyrics and hitting certain notes and breath control, somehow do the trick. I've equated it to executing a grand jeté perfectly; achieving that perfect jump that feels almost as though you're flying/ were lifted up by both legs to travel a distance. I remember my heart soaring.

For me, hitting the notes just so, or perfecting a certain phrasing will make me feel that same way, like I was flying. That always makes me feel better, makes my heart feel a little lighter.

There's a whole lot of things that I can sing, and it basically just depends on my mood (ha!) as to what comes to mind and what works.

Currently, however, the songs that cheer me up, that make me giggle are cute little songs. Like Mhazz's I is for Igloo or even more so, the song from Coraline that I've finally confirmed is They Might Be Giants and can be found in Mr. Jones' Study on the Coraline site (click on the record player) or can be heard during this bit on meeting the inhabitants of the Coraline world when they introduce the Other Father:



Unknown said...

it's the long dark teatime of the soul

Ceci Virtue said...

It's the holidays, it's the snow melting (there was a northern exposure episode about that), it's my striving to achieve the more in my life.

It's not bad... it's just moody and sometimes a little sad.