Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bugs and Snow

No... not that kind of bug. I'm talking about a 1970 Volkswagen Bug (or Beetle).

Yesterday I was called by the transport company because they were actually not far from here. The car, they told me, should be in town by 7 or so.

"Yeah, right," I thought to myself. "Not in this weather!"

Well guess what, kids? At 8pm, I got a call from the driver saying he was about 8 miles away but might have to drive the car to us if the streets are too much for his truck (a big covered car transport one) couldn't make it on these roads. Ummm... 1970 bug that needs restoration being driven in this snow? Only if you have a clear shot of the road. 'K.

So I grabbed my jacket and scarf and told the boyo that we had to figure out where we were putting the car (see Sunday's photos of what it looks like in front of our house). The problem? We don't own a shovel. Back inside to see what we could use and the boyo comes up with ... cookie sheets (well he had a cookie sheet and I had a pizza round).


So... we're up front... the few cars that are on the road are slowing to watch... and we're clearing a spot for the bug... using... cookie sheets. Yup.

We get half way done with a space that I was arguing was not big enough (sure it would FIT the bug but how were we going to position it into said spot?) when the driver called. He was stuck on Alberta off the I-5. Can we come and get it?


"SURE!" says the boy, "No problem!"

Hike half a mile at 8:30pm in the snow to get my car. Sure enough... there it is. Unloaded from the truck and, well, almost ready to go. So the boyo gets in the car and starts it, I get in and we start off but the bug is stuck in a groove that has us going towards snow. Lot's of snow. Bug gets stuck.

I get out and the driver (nice guy) comes over and says he'll help us push it out. LOTS of pushing... I think my left thigh cramped up (reminding me that it's been 3 weeks since I've been to spin class). Finally we got the bug pointed in the right direction and on well packed ruts in the snow. The boyo drives it getting past the snowy bit where we got stuck, I wave to the driver and run after him to where he's finally stopped and jump in.

That should be the end, right?


We get the car to the spot and GUESS WHAT?! How the hell are we getting it into the Bug-sized spot? *rolls eyes* So he at first tries to have me drive it in. Doesn't work. The snow level varies from 6 inches to a foot higher than the pavement. So I drive the car into the spot and I'm stopped by the foot of snow in front of the car and now I have 3 of 4 wheels up on varying levels of snow. The back tire... not spinning there's so much snow! After a lot of struggling (and arguing) 3 guys take pity on us and come over to help a) get the bug unstuck and b) shove it into the spot.

FINALLY, it was in.

I wanted to take pictures last night but I'm sure that it would not have been appreciated if I asked if we could pause the pushing or if the boyo could stop driving so that I could take a pic for this blog. (KitKat, I don't care what you say, it did happen, even if I don't have pictures to prove it :P)


So instead, I have pictures from this morning (but you can see HOW and where it got stuck)

(that big trench it's in... we dug that with cookie sheets! and no we didn't throw the snow onto the car you see behind the bug)


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Ceci Virtue said...

Doesn't Chadwick look ever so cute there?? I love him.

Rebs said...

And that is why I rent an apt with underground parking...

I'd spent far too many years living in Canada, digging out a parking spot, only to have some @ss take it once I moved my car. Did'ya know that they make shovels that fold down to fit in your car trunk...?

Ceci Virtue said...

@Bad Mummy - I might have to get one to keep in Chadwick for any emergency situations! Who knows what else I might need a shovel for ;)
Thanks for the advice.