Monday, December 29, 2008

OK... I'm gonna 'fess up, kids.

I'm down. I can usually cheer myself up out of this and they seem to work temporarily but in the long run I've just been sorter "eh" all day and at points I'm fighting off tears mostly because I don't know what's affecting me so much!

Partially I feel a bit disconnected with my friends so far away. Also there's the writing issue I'm having as I'm not getting a lot of feedback from those that I gave the draft I have of the novel I was working on. I wonder if I ask too much, if it's just too busy of a time for me to expect anyone to read it. Perhaps I should hire an editor.

I feel slightly out of touch and yet I feel hopeful. I know this will pass, but I can't seem to shake it.

What do I do? My bag of tricks is empty and I've no cheerleaders.


~:{ ... }:~ said...

I should have told you that I hadn't finished it yet. I printed it out but forgot to take it to Newport with me.


Crack the wip, dear.

Ceci Virtue said...

No I know you hadn't finished it...but you're also the only one that I've heard has at least started it and remarked on something.

Just be thankful you're not the boyo... and living with me... and you have me knowing what you do at home. (which largely involves a NEW video game that was found online...)