Friday, December 19, 2008

The Curious Case of Ceci Virtue

Wanna know something funny? (funny odd not funny ha-ha)

Well, no matter what you kids say I'm gonna tell you anyway 'cause it's my blog and ... well that's what I do.

The boyo and I are on Ceci-watch. As I've mentioned before, I was on anti-depressants for a while and my therapist thinks it might just run in my family. Both my therapist and my doctor were a little concerned that I was moving to such a... dark, shall we call it?... climate. They didn't know what would happen, especially since they wanted to start weaning me off the meds.

We (the boyo and I), had a different theory, however. Generally, it was the usual sunny and "nice" days that would depress me. The nicer the weather, the worse I felt. Once fall hit, I started getting happier, most especially so when it was a dark and gloomy day or it happened to rain..So we just figured it would have the opposite effect.

I know, I know! It's different when you live here, but there are things that give me hope that we are right (like we generally are).

First of all, I've been off of my meds since I got here because I had no insurance and I'm not paying $600 a bottle for my meds, thank you! Oddly, with the exception of a few days once the meds were leaving my system, I've never been happier!

Secondly, I've been nothing but optimistic since The Fiasco and Miracle #2 (also about the time when I moved) and I've gotten nothing but good from it. I'm getting and doing everything I want... well, you know, within reason!

Then there are days like today:
It has been snowing on and off and the clouds go from light to really dark and it just makes my eyes widen (That's a good thing; like when someone kisses you like no other and your eyes go REALLY big?? Like that). I've been in the BEST mood today and my mind is in over-drive with ideas and so many inspirational things outside of the weather... like Neil Gaiman and Coraline and TheAmazingPhil being silly and The Gamble House...
*takes a breath*
yeah... !!!

Is there a inverse of SADD???


Bee said...

That is exactly how I am! I love to garden but I do it to get through the "nice" days but fall and winter are my favorite times of year.

Ceci Virtue said...

There's something about the days where I don't have to be sweating by just STANDING there that make me happy. Seriously! I'd rather try to get warm, then have to try to get cool as it seems no matter HOW msny clothes I take off, it's never enough, as the Cure would say. :)