Friday, March 27, 2009

Paris: Night One

So last we saw our travelers, they were sitting and enjoying their champagne. Little were they aware of just how long it would take them to board the train. Without a care in the world, they finished the champagne and wandered lazily down to check-in. What they didn't know was that security would take FOREVER!

London and I were caught up in security where they decided to take our suitcases apart ONE PIECE AT A TIME! Really??!? Really. Really?? So Jane and Mlle_Aubergine went ahead to get on the train while London and I had to try to explain to security that, if that was all, we really had to get to the train as they had just called final boarding. Sheesh. We barely made it. There was talk of putting us on the next train, but they relented and let us through. We had to jump into the first set of open doors which happened to be car 4 so we had to stow our luggage there and then make our way ALLLL the way down to car 17, where Jane and Mlle were wondering if we even made the train.

Once we made it to Gare du Nord in Paris (the trip was MUCH shorter than I expected, but still fun) we were ready to go. Unfortunately, once we were on the Metro, we realized that the station we needed to switch trains at was CLOSED for that line, so the Metro ride ended up being a bit of a downer due to luggage. Ever carry a suitcase up and down stairs?? I'm not talking just a few stairs either... Inevitably, one of us took a tumble (that would be me) and ended up with some scraped knees.Each knee has one, but I figured you only needed a picture of one to... well, get the picture.
Once we FINALLY got to our flat, we quickly surveyed the place, threw down our luggage, did a quick clean up and went off to grab some much needed food (all we'd had that day was the mixed nuts, olives and cheeses with our champagne). Off we set to meet up with Maile and Tim at Le Fumoir near the Louvre.

I haven't seen them since my wedding so it was great to hang out with them and offer up my congratulations in person (they're engaged). After dinner we went 'round the way for drinks. To get there, Tim took his scooter and offered me (the gimp) a ride, but I offered my ride up to Jane as she has a new fascination with motorcycles and scooters.

My blurry picture of London with Jane who was getting ready for a ride.

Jane and Tim taking off.

The bar was a small bar in rooms that used to serve as the stables for the theater across the way. It was cozy and they had some GREAT drinks there (I had the Raspbery martini, London had the Ginger Mojito and Mlle and Maile had Strawberry Chili Margaritas... or something... I just know there were muddled strawberries and chilies in them).

Tim looks like he's gonna cut a bitch in this picture... probably cause of whatever Maile's doing with her hand...

I'm always quite animated when I speak. Proof.

We left the bar at about 2am (Maile had to start a new job at 9am this morning) and I had to talk to taxi drivers in my broken and forgotten French to figure out if anyone would take 4 people in there car and if they knew where Rue Servan (the street our flat is on) was. The driver said he spoke very little English and I told him that between his English and my French, I was sure that we could get by. We did but not without the kids making fun of me speaking drunk and broken French! You'd think we'd be done with the story by know, however, we all decided to get online and check our email, etc. and crack open a bottle of wine ('cause that's what we needed, right?). 3 hours later (well, Jane went down earlier) and we FINALLY decided that Paris would get more of us tomorrow.

Storming the internets when we got home.

~Fin of day one~