Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I need a vacation! This is what my latest mood has me thinking. SERIOUSLY!

...and look at that! I'll be on vacation in exactly ONE WEEK! That works out well now, doesn't it?

I'm lucky, I know. Seriously lucky and the recent depression bout was sort of uncalled for seeing as I have it pretty damn good. What can I do??? I'm crazy; I blame genetics.

So! I've not written about it on here because it feels like gloating. However...however!... I think I need to talk about this.

So in a week's time I'm off to Europe. We're touching down in London and picking up one of my best friends, London, and taking the train over to Paris. Before we depart we will be having some champagne at the Champagne Bar at St. Pancrass to celebrate that we can.
That's right, London, Mlle_Aubergine, JuggleJane and I will be heading over to Paris, in part to celebrate Mlle's birthday and also to visit the brilliant Maile! Mlle_Aubergine's birthday will be celebrated in HIGH fashion on the Eiffel Tower at the Jules Verne because 40 is fabulous! ... and that's how we roll. Maile graduates this year from University so we're also celebrating her triumphs... and OH YEAH she got engaged! So there's that too. London graduates this year from St. Martin's (he's getting his masters), so he's another reason we're celebrating. I like to think that Jane and I are celebrating life... and going our own ways... and the awesome people in our lives. That's a lot of celebrating!

After Paris, Mlle_Aubergine, Juggle Jane and I are heading off to Prague. This was one of the requests Mlle made as to places she wanted to go to for her birthday. From Prague we're moving on back to London for 3 days and loafing around there with London again (everyone needs a London in London), where I better get a chance to visit my favorite wine bar, Gordon's! It looks unassuming from the outside

yet looks like this inside (which is technically downstairs... and apparently in technicolor in comparison to that dreary black and white of outside!)


I'm one lucky girl! I should be slapped for complaining! I should be slapped for gloating! I dunno... I feel pretty damn special and it always irks me when I forget the good friends I do have! I have nothing to complain about, not even that the boyo isn't going (I do wish he could go), and yet there I was complaining.

Oh the places I go! The friends I have!

I don't want to be anyone but me... not ever!


~:{ ... }:~ said...

My only concern is staying sober enough to remember any of it...and come away with photographs other than indiscernible blurs, my shoes, and the ceiling.


Marginalia said...


Anonymous said...

Geez...thanks for gloating... ha! Sounds like it will be a blast... jus remember to take plenty of bees, luv... you'll need to get your fill of bangers and mash and drink plenty of pig's ear, know wha a-mean?

Have a safe trip, m'dear and enjoy!

luv ya.

your cuz

Ceci Virtue said...

@~:{ ... }:~ - for some reason I'm not so concerned about that... hahahahhaa!

@Chloe - OOOO! I wish you could have come! I'll let you know when we're popping back over the pond just in cases next time.

@Pehdroh - i'll enjoy it fully! I'll have a snakebite for you. Or do you prefer a black and tan?