Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sign o' the times

It's with much sadness that I announce that one of my favorite little wine bars in Long Beach, Casa Vino, is closing its doors.

CasaVino opened right when we moved to Long Beach and we spent some great times there. Pocket had her birthday there, the boyo and I had a raucous date night there, London and I met Wes #9 and bought some excellent wine, and there were gatherings with Chloe for a more sophisticated venue for our usual conversations.

For anyone in the Long Beach area, the official closing party is next Saturday the 21st of March starting at 5pm and closing in usual CasaVino fashion, "whenever."

Well, just know that one boy in London and this girl and the boyo in Portland will miss knowing that CasaVino is around in Long Beach whenever we go back to visit. The Notorious Long Beach 4 (usually without Amanda, unfortunately) had some great times there.