Monday, April 6, 2009

Still traveling

All right so I didn't do nearly as good of a job updating this as I said I would. It's been over a week and I've not posted a thing! You know how it is, you get caught up in real life...

Paris is blur of friends, places and drinks... oh and some wonderful food! I got a lot of time with Maile and Tim (2 of my friends that live in Paris) and I did a little sightseeing. There is a lot to see, but I don't like to be shuttled about like most tourists and I generally find that the people make the experience less than fun. So I went to see only what I really wanted to see and figured I'd save the rest for another trip. Yes, I like to think optimistically that there will be another trip.

All sorts of odd reports from home have me feeling more misplaced than I sometimes do when traveling (you know, when your soul finally catches up to you, thereby ending the jet lag).

It has me wondering where home really is. I know it's where ever the boyo is, but I mean place wise. Portland still doesn't feel like home and that coupled with the out-of-water feeling that can come with traveling has left me sort of "huh".

Maile was telling me that Paris is where she would always feel normal. When she visited or on extended trips there and even now living there, it IS home. I told her that I didn't think I had found that place yet. She's says it's tough, especially since she just has to accept the fact that her core group of friends (us) are just living here, there and everywhere. She said that at times when we visit and she ends up talking the night away or just drinking and being silly, she misses everyone and wishes we could all just move here.

Maybe I could cope with not having anything like my core group of friends if I found that place called home. It is, after all, inevitable that we all go on to make our way to different places.

Here is Maile holding her tree umbrella.

A poster I saw at a bar for a play.

JuggleJane through the weirdo window of the door to the toilet. She's just washing her hands.

Me giggling in the background as London shows Jane some photos he took and she snaps pictures. Oh and yes, that's a General Lee original Mini Cooper.

London looking quite pleased with the photos.