Monday, March 9, 2009

It's 4pm

I have a headache.

Today has been a total fail. I feel like work isn't going too well, although not technically my fault. I just feel like I SHOULD know these guys by now to know what they'll need. I should have known that someone was going to need flip charts made since I knew they were flying off to see the client today.
Wait... wait... no... no I wouldn't have known this since this wasn't supposed to be a training but an introduction to other associates today. One does not need Flip Charts for that. Still, I needed to get these printed by 2pm. The place we usually use requires 24 hour notice. Thankfully, if they're slow enough (and they were today) they CAN get it done by 2pm if they get the files to print by 8am.


I've also had a panic-y day because I had not received the confirmation for our tickets from Prague to the UK, and I did not want the cost to be more than it already was. Got that resolved though, and got that confirmation.

THEN... then... there was still the locating of a place in Prague since the original place had doubled their prices and well, it seems everyone got wise to the fact that people do indeed travel to Prague in the late winter/ early spring. Poop!. However, thank you to Jane for overseeing that and getting us a place to stay!

THEN... there were the flats I was inquiring about for Paris. It's tough to get a response from them! Finally we got one going that didn't require 30% on top of the rent for the agency fee and the equivalent of the rent for the week as a deposit! However, I'm short about $300 to secure that one (and no, it's not $300 to secure... that's just what I'm short). Ooof!

Not to mention that the plan for tonight's movie night is to go see the Watchman as a field trip and one of the originators of this suggestion went over the weekend with other friends and someone else decided that she'd watch it more than once and see it. It just makes me wonder... why am I going??? I'm not a huge movie person ANYWAY, why am I doing this??? Because unlike a movie I really want to see (like the field trip to JCVD), this is one that I can frankly take or leave. No talking during the movie like we do in someone's house. It's theater! I'm sure our puns and sarcasm would not go over well. PLUS being a big time action movie, I didn't know that the movie theater chosen was a mom and pop place. While that might be fine for A Room With a View or something, I dunno that the Watchman will look all that impressive to me if not seen how it's supposed to be seen. Had someone mentioned this to me when I chimed in with a "yeah, that's cool!" I probably would have changed my vote. Do you people think I know Portland movie houses??? I mean... I want to support the mom and pop place... and I do like to avoid the stadium seating, average-joe gathering 100-plex, however, there is a time and place for certain things.

*groans * Seriously!

I don't think I'm fit for human consumption today, however I don't want to flake on William who seems very keen to see it... ANNNDDDDD... and it just seems stupid to spend money when my problem is that I don't have enough ON my card to cover a GOD DAMN DEPOSIT!

... and NO! I don't have any cheese for this whine!

I just feel like I failed in the whole trip in that I couldn't get all together nicely like I was supposed to. My Cruise Director status is going to be revoked, I just know it!


Anonymous said...

You're FIRED!

Just kidding. Hey - it's not like you forgot to book our tickets to London or anything. Besides, no matter what, it will be a great time!


Marginalia said...

Don't worry, Ceci, yesterday sucked for everyone I talked to. And I vote skip the Watchmen if you need a place to economize. Seriously. That's a good spot to cut corners. Not on movies in general, but on the Watchmen specifically.

Ceci Virtue said...

@Jane - I'm trying to rally, really I am. So far, however, I have to try to figure out how we're doing it. Like, where we're staying in Paris.

@Chloe - See, I'm hearing mostly bad reviews on the Watchmen but a few good ones. I want the scoop! What would split these camps?