Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So far... March 24th

Well the flight here was interesting. This was the first time I had a connecting flight. THEN after meeting up with JuggleJane (who was only 2 rows behind us) we had an EXTRA long flight to London. Why?! WHY!? ... you might ask? Well, somewhere in hour 2 of the flight, an announcement was made over the PA asking if there was a doctor on board. I shit you not, this doesn't just happen in movies. Then... THEN... not long after having passed New York, we get an announcement that they've been "busy in the cockpit" and we were going to have to reroute to Newark for a medical emergency and that the ambulance would meet us there and take the passenger away. Since we would be on the ground, they were going to refuel and replenish their food stock.

Oh joy!
So I did what anyone would do... I drank.

That picture looks weird 'cause it was taken sideways as Mlle_Aubergine was holding the computer since we were in a cramped area (I went sideways to make it look right side up).

Anyway.... after much traveling (I'll spare you that part, but we got in 3 HOURS later than we were supposed to!) we got to London's, we went for dinner at a great Turkish place (that gave us moist towelettes that smelled...well... man-ish!) and now we're heading over to Liad's to drink s'more.

Images so far:

We come with many gifts for the lovely London.

I got a new monkey! He's holding a blankie. London got him for me in Israel.

The kids walking home from the Turkish place.

... and yes, that is a graveyard on the left.


Bee said...

Awesome! I'm going to live vicariously! :o)

Ceci Virtue said...

@Bee - well let's see how long I can keep this up eh? hahahahaha some days might get lost, but I'm trying!