Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Today's musings

So I'm currently working through a temp agency and my current assignment finds me at a bank processing checks. I know...boring stuff... and if I was up too late the night before (usually posting on here or tracking down music or writing) I have been known to want to shoot myself.. or at least find a way to keep my head from plopping onto the keyboard. However!... however, I do love that it's easy and it pays pretty decently. I generally do my job and leave it and that, to me, is a big plus.

Here's what I love about what I'm doing - finding all the shit that people write on their checks or on notes with their checks, or even just looking at their checks!

Yesterday I got one of those little Christian comics, you know the one that had a whole thing on damning harry potter and quoting the bible ...and if you've never seen one... well... I'd say consider yourself lucky but for the fact that you have to see it to believe it. Crazy shit. Someone put one of those in an envelope with their payment. *sigh* Really?! yeah ok...

Moving on...

I love it that people write notes about their late fees. My favorite logic is this:
"I did not pay the late fee for not paying last month's amount (included in May's check) because I never received a payment letter for it."
so basically... you're saying that the payment that you pay each month... couldn't possibly have been late because they forgot to tell you how to pay for it.
Even though it's the same address that you send it to... and if you're writing this sort of note you probably have the old stubs filed away somewhere, allowing you to either call the agency or bank or at least have an address to send the payment to...
and, that... it couldn't possibly be your fault that you didn't send it in because you weren't reminded to do so... therefore, the late fee should not be added because ... well.. it's not your job to remember... and how could you possibly pay it without a payment stub?!
I'm just saying...

Today's favorite check was one of these:

To be more specific... the Gene Simmons one.
Yes, ladies and jelly spoons, those are Kiss checks. I had NO idea they existed. Now... my life is complete... (ok no, not really).
KISS CHECKS!? WTF?! really??? really. Really?!
I bet if there were New Kids on the Block checks, Liz would get them, wouldn't you Liz?
Kiss freakin' checks. I about died... it made me giggle.

So today's weekly horoscope from FreeWill astrology says:

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Alison Covarrubias is a mentor for female entrepreneurs. Her "Ladies Who Launch" *side not from me for Liz... maybe you should get this?* program inspires women to be brave and brazen as they develop their own businesses. One of Covarrubias's prime pieces of advice: "If you don't feel like you're going to throw up, you're not taking enough risks." That's also my message for you, Taurus. In the name of smart gambles and tricky success, I dare you to push yourself way out of the comfort zone.

Well, I must be taking a SHITLOAD of risks 'cause not one moment passes when I don't feel nauseas. Ok, well... that's part of the reason why I want to up'n'chuck away... but I do know that I'm just letting it all go... out to the universe and letting it be what it will be. So, yeah... that also makes the control freak in me want to throw up...
In the meantime I write nice little neurotic posts to keep me sane.

and finally... because I have to end this or I again will fall asleep at work tomorrow...and here's why...
I got the new Stephenie Meyer book!
I know! I know! I'm a huge dork... but I do so love the Twilight series... and I'm curious as to how her first adult fiction book will be. So I bought The Host today. Now... I'm gonna go read it!

What can I say? I love my guilty pleasures... and candy literature...
I am NOT ashamed...
*ducks under the covers to read*


Liz said...

OMG - do you really think there are NKOTB checks out there?? If so, I am ON it. Also, I took a Ladies Who Launch seminar...eh. And finally, I feel like I am going to throw up all the time...that's a good thing??

Ceci Virtue said...


and... HAHAHAHAHA!!!
yes...that's a good thing... apparently.
I suppose it's akin to bulimia? and that makes you thin so it must be good, right?
Oh I'm so going to hell for that one aren't I?

really?? you took a a seminar? So she's not all that? is she at least a bag of chips???

maybe I can make NKOTB checks... that will be my money maker... I know that I have clients in you, inga and amander... so that's a good start!

how ARE you?!
i'm sending you an email from MRS Clouse... the new one not the old one... so be on the lookout.
It's got updates!