Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First and foremost, a very happy birthday to my dearest Amander! Her birthday is the 13th, although technically I'm posting on the 14th. As I've not gone to bed yet, it is still the 13th here in my world.

SO to keep me company, Da5id left Eddie the travel monkey. He's keeping me company along with the little guy we got from a neat little shop that sells vinyl toys (think Kid Robot or Alpha Cult) we found in London right around the corner from Barnaby Street.

They make me smile and think of "home." There's no real "home" yet, all I know is that it's where Da5id is... and we're locating that to Portland.

"Home" is full of toys... our toys... lots of things we bought at Alpha Cult, along with stuff we found along the way. It has our "Art"... Da5id's "Industrial Finger paint" as he calls them, a portrait of me by Clark, our print (also obtained from Alpha Cult that I posted about in an entry around Christmas '06 in my LJ) and various Anime Cel collection(by the way, if anyone wants to know what to get me... try this if you can get some people to pitch in). It has my favorite books, including my currently much needed tome of the complete Calvin and Hobbes. It has... my soul... our soul. "Home" is where I can hold court from my bed, where I can entertain, myself... myself and Da5id ...or friends 'til 4am... or 5, where I can break down in the shower/bath so that it all feels better, ...but mostly where I can feel safe with Da5id.

The "home" concept doesn't so much make me sad... as anxious... in that "can't wait to get..." sort of way. My birthday being next Monday, "home" is someplace I'd like to be for that (although, because I'm here, I get to see the Dresden Dolls thanks to Chloe). I think of "home" and I think of all sorts of things that I can't wait to see... like friends (miss you, Kat)... and what our place will look like... once we get one.


What an amazing thing.

There's something about having cleared the hurdle of last Thursday (another Fiasco thing) that makes the end of the tunnel visible. I'm not sure how far it is, but I can see it and a few things have happened that have become my "lights." For example, the money issue is not a matter anymore, there's an office for the agency I work for in PDX, and... well, that's good enough.

I leave you with this:

Bill Murray has slammed accusations he is difficult to work with, insisting he only clashes with "obnoxious people". The actor has little time for those who lack consideration for others. Murray says, "If it keeps obnoxious people away, that's fine. It makes me think of that line you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. People say this to you with a straight face, and I always say, 'Who. Wants. Flies?' "

I love Bill Murray.