Saturday, June 28, 2008

The wonders of WiFi

So a few days ago Kat got an airport express in order for us to be able to sit here and do exactly what it is we're doing now... and that is sitting and ignoring each other, she in the chair, me on the sofa, both on our laptops.
The problem, however, came when we couldn't get it to work... so then we had to have the boys look at it. Da5id finally got it to work by ignoring everything we told him about what it should be doing (if Tallz would have not listened to us, perhaps he could have gotten it working a day earlier). So now! We have have WiFi!

This means I can:
-sit on the porch and write
-not have to use Kat's computer (I miss my presets... I like my links and I'm just used to Eddie)
-listen to Big Sonic Heaven again! (I introduced Kat and Tallz to it and it's now something we have to do on the big computer...with speakers... hopefully, every night it's on)


This means that I will now be able to post more!


well... except tonight... well, tonight I'm spending the night with the boyo... and if that sounds like a "so what?" well... it's a big thing since we live in different place and it's been about a month since we've been able to get together!



Anonymous said...

hope you had fun!