Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today I realized I have a very important question to answer...

I'm about a week away from moving to Portland (don't even get me started!) and I have been emailing the same temp agency that I've been going through down here in LA, but in Portland. The thing is, unlike now, the jobs offered through a temp agency, especially with my odd looking resume, are not what I'm looking for. Ok... so I don't know that for a fact... but I figured they'd try to place me in outside sales positions or admin. assistant positions. This was fine... well, not the outside sales stuff... in the interim, but the whole point was that Da5id and I were going to do what WE wanted to do, even if this meant a pay cut. In fact, we counted on it involving a pay cut!

So today I asked myself, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Aside from the oh-so-funny (to me) answer of adored (which I AM by the boyo ... and thank you, Stone Roses)... and aside from the always-working-on-it-be-it-somewhat-slowly answer of a published writer... well, I had no answer.

What do I do now ???

I've had such a mish-mash of experience that I don't know who'll take me, first of all. Everyone wants experience. Aside from that... really... I've not a clue.

I decided to make a list of things I want from a job:
- enough time to write
- weekends off because I miss time to cuddle with Da5id in the AM(... but I a willing to negotiate on at least Saturday or Sunday off)
- a sorter normal schedule; none of this waking up at 4am shit (with very rare exceptions like... you want me to be in your movie or something) and no consistent out-at-10pm-or-later shifts.
- a job I like going to
- no grocery stores (although Da5id thinks I'd love a co-op)

I'm still playing with it, but thus far that's what I came up with.

I figured it's not asking too much, really. I sat here and tried to figure out some jobs that might have some of the above options and I think I came up with a few ideal jobs. An admin assistant job in some little place where I did light work and filing and liked the people, that would be nice. Of course, that's got a lot of variables in it, like the people... and what sorter company. I also thought that i would LOVE to work at a stationary/ paper store! That would be neat. You know, a boutique-y kinda place where the hours are short... and not always even open on Sunday. Mainly, I want something that I can leave at the door and not get too involved in, where I don't have too many people around (like a big corporation) and that I just go... do my job and get livable pay.


Well, I can hope!

In the mean time, I scour and keep my fingers crossed for what the agency might be able to place me at.


Anonymous said...

You'll find it! Let me know if you need resume help.

Ceci Virtue said...

I'll send the ole resume your way... remind me! I feel like I have to dust it OFF it's been so long since I've had to think about it!