Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can't Be Sure...

See this?

That was Portland this past weekend...and although it's not THAT hot anymore... it's still pretty freakin' hot!

For those of you who know me... this is WHY I left SoCal... or at least a really good reason as to WHY... one of many. That's TOO hot people! I've got sensitive skin, burn easy and really just don't do well when I'm hot, sweaty and miserable! I'm just glad that the fourth doesn't have a forecast similar to last weekend.

SO! The big news is that I found my dream job! The thing is, I haven't gotten it yet.
I'm going to write about it here 'cause what with T Minus 2 hours and 35 minutes remaining 'til the second interview, when I'm pretty sure I'll know what the decision is, so I don't think this will jinx it. (You know me and superstitions...)

Rogue put out an ad office ninja (administrative assistant). As soon as I saw the ad I thought, "Oh my god! They're talking to ME!" Seriously... no other ad ... well, few, could have spoke as this one did to me. So I made an immediate reply letting them know that I was more of a samurai than a ninja and introduced myself. I hoped. I dreamed! By Thursday night on our way to Vroom (happy hour at the Shanghai Tunnel) I thought....oh well... it was too good to be true. At 7pm I checked my phone (it had been acting funny) and found I had missed a call...FROM ROGUE!!! So I called back thinking that hopefully I'd get a call back to my call back the next day... and low and behold, I got a call back about 20 minutes later! I talked to S for a good while and the more she told me about the position then more I felt like Wayne in Wayne's World (It will be mine! OH YES!).

So Monday I had my interview with S and I thought it went well... and apparently it did 'cause yesterday I got a call back for an interview with the President today. See, the office ninja also helps out the Pres, so it's now up to him and to see if we mesh. Part of me keeps thinking, "Of course you'll get it! You're perfect for this!" Then there's that little part that I want to kick that says, "Yeah... but what if you don't mesh? There's nothing you can do about that..."

On the whole, I'm thinking, "This is exactly what I've been waiting for!" and "This IS mine!"

You know, positive thinking...

Why's it such a big deal??

Well, aside from the I-need-a-job factor, there's this ideal I had when I first was thinking of what to do when I get here. Of course, at that time, things were paid for and I had a savings... Still, I don't think I should change my idea of ideal for me because some circumstances have changed. I'm still sticking to the remembering what makes me happy... and that's not money. The job doesn't pay much... and isn't a high position, but it's with people that, as far as I can tell, like what they do, care about the people they work with, and truly want to be there. I want that. I want to be able to go to a job that gets me the money I need to live and nothing more. I also want to feel like they'll encourage anything I do, like my writing. If I'm happy with what I do and not working 50+ hours a week, I think I could be happy here. It would also give me time for my writing and weekends off to cuddle with the boyo.

Am I putting that well?? I mean... There are a few things that make me SOOOO happy .... twirl around like a mad woman singing on a mountain top happy... and I want to make sure I have time for those. This job sounds to me like something I can stand behind... and love it. It's not about climbing the ladder... it's about doing my job well... no.... better than well... the best I can... and loving it. Just like I met my match in the relationship part of my life... I want the same match in my job.

As for the writing, you'll all be happy to know I've reworked This is Not a Love Song and submitted it. Now... we wait and hear. I'm hoping to be doing more submitting... more writing, because, if I do it... it'll happen.

So far... so far I'm pretty proud of what I've done...and I think I'm head over heels in love with my life right now.


brett said...

so rooting for you! Office Ninja? What a title! Good Luck, not that you need it!

~:{ ... }:~ said...

If you get this job...which will allow you to get an apartment...which will allow you to move out...I will lose my "wifey" and will starve whilst swimming through piles of dirty dishes, clutter and washing.

Let this wither your conscience.

::cross arms/furrowed brow::

[ good luck, sweetie! ]

Ceci Virtue said...

Thanks! I'll have to tell you a funny story about this... hahahaha
we'll see... now all I wait for is... an answer.

Darlink husband-y!
I'll come over anyway and make you dinner! Well... that would work best if I were upstairs right?!
hahahahaa.... i'm putting it out there!!!

Anonymous said...


This is SUCH a Ceci post. And I just KNOW that you are the office ninja they are looking for!