Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get out!

I weighed myself and... I'm 10 lbs. from my goal weight! Mind you it's not some number I thought would be a good one to aim for. It's actually the number from 2 years ago when I felt right in my own skin and great! My doctor said that for me, 150-155 was perfect. I don't care if I'll never be 120... or even 140! As long as I feel great... and think I look great.

I haven't even been to the gym before Monday for over a month due to the ear infection and traveling! Krikey! That's not to say I'm not gonna go. I'm back to 6 days a week to help the bipolar *grumbles* I must admit, it does make me feel better.

*does a happy dance*


Marginalia said...

Good for you, Ceci! I'm trying to get back to my fighting weight, as well, and you have inspired me to keep up the effort. And here's to deciding on your own fighting weight, based on what feels good for you, and not based on some arbitrary measure! Tip of the cap to you, my friend.