Saturday, January 9, 2010

These are strange times. So much went ass over teakettle. We're just hunkering down for the weekend to lick wounds and get ready for Monday's picking ourselves up.

I must say I am thankful for my life and the friends I have. They've been nothing but supportive and currently we at Casa Stella have each other. As Cedric said last night, there's a lot of love in this house. I feel extremely lucky for that.

For those that don't know - Cedric was laid off, M didn't pass her test for her massage therapy license by only 3%, Da5id was demoted with pay cut and I have an ear infection, bronchitis and asthma due to it.

Yesterday's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day made me think about the positives in our lives. I'm happy about the life I have, no matter how odd and questionable by other people. I honestly would never want to be anyone else. I think I have a pretty awesome life with awesome friends who, for the most part, get and support me. The others... well I'm not sure what they like but apparently there is something.

Yes, I'm strange according to some (seriously there are decisions I've made that boggle the mind) and I love my strange life.

I drink too much, I sometimes smoke too much and I have loose morals. THANK GOD!

I don't marry like other girls!
I am a child!
I'm utterly and completely happy how I am.
... and I was born to make life and the world a better and miraculous place for all those I touch.


Unknown said...

This, among other reasons, is why I married you, Angel!

Anonymous said...

We a nation of boys raised to be men by women. I'm not sure another woman is what we need in our lives?