Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here's a revision of last year's non-resolutions. No one ever keeps resolutions and I find they're sort of bullshit when I make them somewhat material. I find it easier to just re-acknowledge what I'm working on.

Here are 2010's non-resolutions:

- Health: Still doing the gym but now it's to help with sanity. Walking/ spin class/ running once a day keeps everyone liking me ;)

- Writing: This is a constant. I'm going to keep writing, making time for writing, and submitting until something happens, even if it's death that happens. Get me?

- Travel: 2009 was great! Here's to 2010!

- Friends: Well this one is just working on my relationships, but, like writing, this is a constant. I'm very very lucky to have all the good friends that I do.

- Wardrobe: Same as last year: I'm gonna keep on the look out for more Ceci-type articles of clothing and make smarter decisions about what I'm buying and that I LOVE them. I do. I love feeling great in my clothes, especially if I feel great in my own skin.

- The boyo: My partner in crime is BACK! I love him... and I love how much we keep learning and growing. Love this boy!


Anonymous said...

Those seem like good non resolutions Ceci. Wanna know mine?
1)stop trying to be friends with people that don't make an effort.
2)Clean my house and bedroom completely and keep it clean.
3)Workout at least 3 days a week.
4)Blog more.
5)Capture more memories.