Monday, April 13, 2009

Inspirations - OR - The List

Inspired by my latest trip (and JuggleJane) I've a list of things I want in 2009:

In no necessary order:
- Publish something (because I'm forever writing/ editing but RARELY submitting)
- Get back to my fighting weight (seriously folks, PDX has had me gain weight and I'm not sure WHY! It might be a combo of the weather and that I'm not on my feet 10 hours a day)
- Stop the bipolar cycle or at least face the current swing of the door... it's not pretty.
- Go to Scotland for Asef's wedding. (because the car needs serious work and things are taking their toll)
- Have a little more TIME with the boyo (if you know what I'm saying)
- be a better friend (because there's always something to learn in this dept.)
- Keep learning... anything and everything! French, brushing up on my spanish, maybe take up the cello... bother the geniuses at the Genius bar a little more... you know... stuff
- Start a new project/ get one started on here at least

That's all I got for now. Thanks to my friends for the inspiration.


Marginalia said...

Cheers to you, Ceci!

Ceci Virtue said...

@Chloé - Dank u, Chloé! You keep trying so I'll keep trying. I don't see why things can't be that we don't get what we want.