Thursday, February 12, 2009

Someone please remind me...

not to read articles/blogs/etc. about the "Childfree-by-choice movement"

It ends up distracting me, makes me sad that both sides missed the point, and makes me long for a community where I could find support like the mommy-types have.

*sigh* I always go into them hoping for a new spin on things, someone championing the cause of those of us who are not Militant, angry, nor prejudice against children and their parents and I always come away sorely disappointed.

I need to log off the internet now. It seems like I very sad and biased place (Yes, I know this is a funny statement).


Bee said...

I had started my own network of for that very reason but then I didn't put the work needed into it so I lost the domain. Maybe one day I'll start it back up.

Ceci Virtue said...

we should you know. Someone on one of the comments to the segment that got me started suggested it. It's sad, to me, that we're all behind the moms and I feel like they're not behind us. Well, that is to say that they're not trying to change the tide. It's what I would do if I was a mom.

it just makes me sad that people don't see the glaringly obvious!

Liz said...

Take our Prez' words to heart - we are the change we seek. You are the first step in creating a network of like-minded people.

I know it's disheartening to not feel the love from mamas. But I think the majority of moms would agree that this shit ain't for everybody! And I would never assume I am more enlightened than you just because I have the Bub. If anything, I keep coming back to YOU for answers! So what does that tell you?! ;)

Ceci Virtue said...

hahahaha thanks Jane! I try.
I know, I know... we all have things to teach each other, and I see that! I just wish the collective "they" would.