Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chats with my friend, Jane

I often wish that my posts could be as funny as my chats with Jane. We're silly on our chats and pretty darn funny! If you read our chats you would think, "Now that's some funny shit! I wish I could be friends with them!"

You can't read our chats, though, because, aside from being damn funny, they're also full of LOTS of secret information about the world, the universe and everything. Things you can't know... things that men dressed in black wearing sunglasses would whisk you away into their black sedans never to be seen again FOREVER!... for.

Where was I ??

Only the boyo gets access to some of the funniest shit said on our chats... and only some!

Anyway, my talks with Jane are very important and today they have been doubly so because my head is so full of fluff and snot... that I really can barely do anything else. As someone at lunch pointed out today (Paige? I think,)it's the kind of sick where one feels guilty staying home because the cold is not that bad, but at work it's VERY annoying. That's me. I'm annoying... I mean, the cold's annoying.

She's currently keeping me from just staring at the stuff I'm updating for our website. Instead, I change a little something and then run back to our chat... then make another change... and run to the chat... and make a change... and... well, you get the picture.

My throat currently feels like I've licked the entire road from LA to Vegas, missed Vegas, ended up in SLC and had to lick my way back. NO WATER! It also sort of pinches at the very back, and longs for water... which, when given, it makes my sphincter pucker from the pain. That's right! I can feel my sore throat in my ass! This bites, yo!

It is important that Jane entertain me to keep me working(of sorts) because if I'm too sick to work, then I'm too sick to go out and there's no WHEY that I'm missing out on tonight.

With that being said, I will be at Ignite Portland 5 tonight, probably feeling a little shitty, but with the help of my friend, Wine-ona, I'll be DANDY!

What's Ignite, you ask? It's only the BEST, MOST FUN and ENTERTAINING evening of your life (right after Backfence, of course!) People give presentations on all sorts of things. All kinds of people. Rabbis, students, famous people... You know, like the infamous(so famous she's IN famous) Melissa Lion. See? I know people... or at least I follow them around for their events.

It ends up being a fun and drunk time with all sorts of information being presented to you in 5 minute(that's 20 slides, so 15 seconds per slide) intervals. It's just... I don't know how else to explain it. Head + Cold = Duh!, remember?

Go here to find out more:

Ok, ok... nothing more to see here. Shoo!
Go find your own Ignite!


Jess Kiley said...

Sounds exciting...just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Is Jane even a real person? It makes one wonder since we can't see these chats... sounds an awful lot like Tyler Durden... I am Jack's complete lack of surprise... the first rule about chats with Jane is that we don't talk about chats with Jane... see what I mean?...

Ceci Virtue said...

@growingupartists hello and welcome! I never got the chance to thank you for keeping the conversation so nice and open and... civil! over at the momversation comments on the CBC segment. Thank you for your comments and understanding as well.

It IS exciting! I'm trying to convince people to start Ignites in their own cities. I'm not sure what one needs to do, but according to the guy who started Ignite who spoke last night, they will support anyone who wants to get one started. If you want to see some of what it's like, go here That's the last ignite, I'm pretty sure.

@Pehdroh Hahahahahahaha! I wish I was Jane! Or rather that Jane was an extension of me. She's pretty kick-ass and DAMN HOT! However, no... that is not the case. Yesterday she taught me how to make soap... no no no... I mean... she taught me that bohunk is actually a derogatory term. She schooled me and sent me here:
I had no idea! I always thought it was just a silly term in sixteen candles. I should have known better.

Liz said...

@Pehdroh - AHAHAHA I like the idea of being Ceci's Tyler Durden. It makes me sound so much more bad ass than I am. Hmmm maybe Ceci is MY Tyler Durden...

@ceci - I am really bummed about bohunk. I was using it with love!! Thank god, we learned this before Prague. We would have been very unpopular!