Thursday, February 12, 2009


Do you ever do that thing in your office bathroom when someone's in one stall and you hurry to one that's not next door to the one occupied?

Also, when you're in a stall and you notice that the other person (assuming there is one) in another stall is leaving, do you dawdle to make sure you don't meet up with that person? (mainly 'cause you don't want to do that whole exchange of Hellos in the bathroom?

Sometimes I do and I wonder... WHY!?

Who cares?! It's the freakin' toilet! We ALL know what happens in the toilet.

... although I do have problems if I tooted. I know it's the bathroom! However, if there are 2 people in there (me and someone else) and it wasn't them, they're gonna know it was me when we meet at the sink. Then, they will forever think of me as "Tooting Girl" when they pass me in the hall.


just sayin' ...