Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The news so far...

I'm slowly getting over my cold. This morning I still felt weak and tired so I decided I'd go into work late. I'm not sure if it helped... but maybe it did. Either way, I took it easy this morning in hopes that it would make the Sickness Gods happy. Eh! Who knows?!

It was made known to me by Chloe that Blossom Dearie died recently. Here's the obituary from the Telegraph. She was 82 and had quite the full life. Sad, yet... life. I can only hope to make as much of it as she did.


For anyone who would like to see better pictures of the Coraline premiere after party, go here. There was a lot to see and my phone can only store so many photos!

I forgot to mention that I did get to meet Neil Gaiman (thanks to Scott asking) and Prime even got a picture of us. He was so great and excited and just, well he was just as exited as I was to be there and see the awesome things that came from an idea he had, his book, that grew into its own world... its own life! I felt like we were both fans there together in awe of what life throws out there. I congratulated him on winning the Newbery Award and he was very excited about that! Genuine awe seemed to influence his enthusiasm. Neil, if you were just tired and trying to rally, you did a good job of it! I'm sure that you were just as awed by the creations at the after party as I was.

Yes, people, not that I think many but my friends and few stumblers read it... but I still write what I want to say on here, not that I think it will get much attention. So if I have a message for Neil Gaiman on my blog, I won't be hurt or concerned if he doesn't read it. It's like talking to myself in a way... or... or at least putting it out there. To those that ask, "Why?" I respond with a, "Why not?" I mean I reply to things Amanda Palmer and Stephen Fry say on Twitter for goodness sake! They might see it, but if they don't, they don't!

Silly = good. Therefore, I'm being silly :P

In other news...

I'm the traveling girl!

I'll be in Connecticut at the end of the month to see Lydia a play by Ocatvio Solis as done by the Yale Repertory Theater. My good friend Amanda designed the costumes for it and it's her last piece prior to graduation this June. Thank you, Amanda for the chance to see it! I'm TRULY, truly grateful and I owe you BIG!

She inspires me that one... that why I keep being silly and keep writing the silly little things that I write that amuse me and my friends.


Then at the end of March I'm off to EUROPE! Partially for Mlle_Aubergine's birthday and partially to spend time with 2 more friends that will be graduating this year, Maile in Paris and David in London. I figured it was easier to see them early to be able to hang out than to go when everyone else will be there for their graduations and not have some quality time hanging out/ get to see them in their day to day lives just... doing! So this will be a big celebration for a birthday, and 2 more friends getting their master's degree.

... almost makes me want to go back to get mine... but not enough. Mainly because it's the boyo's turn to go back to school... not mine... also, I was not fond of doing things that I wasn't interested in that I needed in order to graduate.

In preparation for Paris I'm putting myself through a rigorous review of my french. I give myself lessons and make myself do homework every night. I'm also reading some of my books in french.

Aside from that, I'm working on a story for one of David's school films. Just a short. It's difficult in what he's looking to do, but I think I have just the idea to make it work.

OH and last, but NEVER least, @morganpdx gave me some sugar on her blog. Due to the Hallmark holiday coming up, she wrote a post on giving some love to her fellow bloggers and stuck a link to my Coraline picture post.

Taking her lead, I'd like to spread the love to the following:
- the love passer-on-er herself @morganpdx
- my favorite mom-tian, Juggle Jane
- an Oregon writer that inspires me, Melissa Lion
- another funny mom I follow, Ashley's Closet
- Crissy Queen of Fucking Everything who I found through Melissa Lion.
- Except for Jane, I didn't list the ones listed in the list of blogs I follow, 'cause they get love everyday from me. Jane's special... what can I say? (pssst! Jane, I take paypal! You can "thank me" later!)