Thursday, May 14, 2009

1) Why do people "lol"? They even say "lol." I can't even do it on chat or in comments or anything because I think of it as AOL speak(you know...the kids who could use chat before they knew how to use it well by trolling and basically being a nuisance). I mean it used to mean something but now people use it as a word not an abbreviation (as in "I just LOLed") OR they use it redundently ("I just laughed LOL") and worse than that, a combination of the 2 ("I just LOLed out loud!") What the frak people!?

2) Doris Day had 3 husbands by my age. I've only had two. Is this a catch up thing or does that mean I'm not doing too badly?? Only time will tell kids, only time will tell.

3) Ideas for stories:
- What children don't want you to know: The things that happen that your kids keep from you because you can't handle it OR Why Bobby never told you he was molested. (a little long me thinks and I don't know that the public can handle this...heh)
- What third graders think about sex - because if you think that kids have NO idea, you're terribly wrong!
- My first Bad Word - I've found that most of my friends and I first learned (and started using) shit or fuck around the ages of 5-7, and I don't mean just hearing the words...
- Wren: A Story - a story about a girl who lives in a world where people are Stories (spelled with a capital S as they have to differentiate between stories that are things and stories that are people)

*I was thinking back to the old good KROQ days (as opposed to the bad ones) in LA. They used to do what KISS (a top 40 radio station in LA) called the top 8 at 8, except it was the top 8 at 8 at 9, which was the top 5 songs requested that day at 9pm.


Anonymous said...

#1 is hilarious. I am with you on that one. I honestly don't like to use the "LOL" I always do the haha or heh. Imagine saying "I haha'd at what she told me?" Humor. I have to confess though. I do use the OMG sometimes but mostly because I am making fun of it.