Sunday, May 10, 2009

"I'm not a Mother!"...'s day

To all my childfree friends I send you this:

~Disclaimer to my friends with kids... Come on! It's funny! Also, technically this is also true of people in long relationships ::clears throat:: So really this is more for the single girls*...

The lovely (and newly engaged!) Chloé sent me this article which, we agree, is the best written explanation as to why we were (are...what?!) so enthralled with the Twilight series.

You might remember also that the same Chloé (it's 'cause she's super cool... and has a great sense of humor... and she's super smart but doesn't take herself seriously... ) sent me what led to this post. Well, there's apparently a rebuttal:

Perhaps I should have named this post "The I heart Chloé post"

*and JuggleJane, who is in her own truly awesome catagory


Anonymous said...

Haha I love that picture Ceci! Very funny. And since I am not really a mom, I see the humor in it. But I am the mommie to my wabbit Brodie.

Ceci Virtue said...

@Ewin Shortcake - Yeah but your not a MOM mom... hahahaha! I just like that there's a card out there for us non-mom people.

~:{ ... }:~ said...

Kombucha OMG yes!

Liz said...

I get my OWN category?! Holy socks!


ok love you lady bye bye

Ceci Virtue said...

@~:{ ... }:~ - I KNOW! I tried that stuff once...EEEEWWWWW

It's supposed to help you fight off colds but I think it would just MAKE me sick.

@JuggleJane - Yes because I talk about you A LOT! AAAANNNDDDDD you're a super rad mamacita!