Wednesday, May 13, 2009

...AND... we're back!

So the door swings back the other way...

Today I'd like to wish Ms. Amander (yes, another one) a very happy happy birthday! I had a good 30 and I think you will too! You inspire me and I'm very proud of you for all the things that you've put your mind to and accomplished.

If only I could fly over for drinks. One day. I owe you many drinks.

Speaking of birthdays, I've resolved my issues with mine. Much thanks to JuggleJane for patiently talking it out and getting to the bottom of what I would love to do.

In a nut shell, dinner for my birthday at Montage ('cause I'd love some mussel shooters and mac n' cheese!) and Fischerspooner on the 25th (because music makes me all sorts of happy)!

That's right!

Fischerspooner released their new album on the 5th of May... sooo about a year from this post where I heard Danse en France, they FINALLY released Entertainment.

Now THAT sounds like a way to celebrate.