Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 33rd annual Ceci Celebration

It is, as the great AFP would say, Jesus year. Yes, I'm now the same age as Jesus (the man not the dog) when he bit it. I'm also the same age as AFP and Matt in Hong Kong (Thank you Liad for introducing me to Matt! He's hilarious!) who also have birthdays right around mine.

I began my 33rd quite well, I must say!

If you were to ask me when I started celebrating, I would have to say it was yesterday around 5pm when Amander sent me a text saying that she got her MFA. You see, at Yale for costume design, you have to present your thesis and then they let you know then and there if they like it/it's acceptable/ you graduate. Luke also passed and that made me VERY happy indeed! I've got go find a dress with the puffiest of puffed sleeves now...

I really find that inspiring.

It makes me remember that I have to listen to my own words that I can do anything as long as I stick to it and just do. That's what I told Amander when she first applied to Yale and she got in. Just do... and keep on doing. Maybe I should tattoo it on my forehead.

So for me... that's a good thing to celebrate and the best birthday gift... because it's inspiration and it reminds me of what I believe and hold dear. That's what I needed right now.

Last night's movie night was a surprise party/movie night for me! I had NO idea! Everyone had Ceci masks which was sort of frightening yet hilarious. It was like Being John Malkovich... but with me. Heh. Mlle_Aubergine made the cake and Cedric made vesper martinis. Awesome. Thanks to M and Cedric for hosting and to Mlle_Aubergine for all the marvelous Ceci decorations and cake. Thanks also to everyone who went to help me celebrate and watch Rebecca. A small shout out to the marvelous JuggleJane for helping Mlle_A with the pictures.

Yes, I'm a little hung over.

Let's hope I don't do that again tonight.

"I believe that everyone else my age is an adult whereas I am merely in disguise."
~Margaret Atwood


Liz said...


I suppose I could say something clever and inspiring about how, like Jesus, you too will do amazing things this year and rise from the dead. But ya know...whatever. ;)

Go nuts - you deserve it!

Marginalia said...

Um, yes, I'm going to need to see pictures of these Ceci masks.

Happy Ceci Day!

Ceci Virtue said...

@JuggleJane - I did! Go nuts, that is! Thank you for the words... clever and inspiring or not(I think they are somewhat)!

@Chloé - I'll have to get them from someone who took some. There are some on facebook that William put up but they're kinda blurry as it was dark and it was his phone.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your having a good birthday Ceci! Happy Birthday again.

Bee said...

Feliz Cumpleaños!!

Ceci Virtue said...

@Ewin and Bee -
Thank you!! I had a generally good day... you know, except for the work part, but what can you do!?

Anonymous said...

Work? I wont know work until June. Haha

Hey I saw this video today. Watch it. It totally made me crack up and I so needed it.
Here is the link:


? said...

Sorry for the belated b-day wish, m'dear - have not been able to get on the flippin' computer all week... It looks like you had a great one! Luv ya!