Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok??? Here we go...

This is why I love Skins.

And this why I love Effy

(psst! clicky the pic-y)

I'm drowning... in music and writing and ... a wee bit of wine. :)

Effy is that person that I can relate to the most from High School days. She's totally fucked up and she totally knows what she's doing. She's all knowing and has a lot to learn.

I... adore her.

There's a lot of times when I wonder if we ever really get past the who that we are in the High School years, such formative years. I can still see a lot of what played for real life then still happening now. That's right kids, if you think it gets any better in your 20s or 30s, guess again!
Just remember, they're all as scared as you are and know just as much!
Seriously, I think that's what leads me to Effy. She can see past a lot of this and just does her own thing and gets lost in her own way because she can see that most of it... is bullshit. What they don't want you to know? That everyone is having the same tough time making it out there and figuring it out.

No one knows what they're doing! It's true. Just... DO! Go read my Committed post. Memorize it!

If you've not caught Skins on BBC America yet, they're only on episode 4 as of this week and it's on on Sunday and Monday nights. What are you doing?! Get going and watch it!!

Just ask amander... she was hooked like I was back in March in London. *sigh* Good times, good times!

Seriously, can't express my love of this show enough.


Aside from my viewing addictions, I'm sitting here writing and talking to friends that are oh so far away now, and yet oh so close (faraway...So close!) and reveling in this new space that I have to dream in. Some might say that the electricity that I have running through me is catching, I'm THAT elated!

Today I was discussing the movies that inspire/ catch our attention with Liz. Something about what we were listing and about what it was that made us go to movie really made me say HEY! wait a minute! This says a lot about us!
So... what makes you go to movie? What do you like in your movie? If romance happens in any way in your movie choice, what do you like about it??

So let's go with me. I'll pick 2 favorites.
A Room with a View and Wings of Desire
In the first one, you get a man that does not think like everyone else does who follows what his heart says and a girl who's from a family that follows their OWN beat while still somehow keeping up with what regular society does. Lucy has to fight the urge to do what society wants to follow her heart, what she's been mostly brought up to do.
In the second, an angel gives up his wings for a woman and to feel ... no wait...
it's best said in the movie:

"I want to conquer a history for myself
I want to turn what I have learned
from my timeless downward-watching
into sustaining a hasty glance
a short shout, an acrid smell.
I've been outside long enough,
absent long enough,
out of the world long enough.
I'll enter the history of the world,
if only to hold an apple in my hand."

He leaves immortality, eternity, to learn hurt, near failure, and love.
This Scene is my favorite, the final scene...

and it ends with my favorite line of:
"Ich weiß jetzt, was kein Engel weiß..."
I now know what no Angel knows...

You see mine has a lot to do with things one fights against just to be one's self... and it has to do with Angels... and things that ... aren't quite here...
I've had 2 miracles happen.
I come from the land of truth is stranger than fiction... I could tell you some stories...

That's my world. I love it