Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life, the Universe and... what?!

SOOOO I was reading Neil Gaiman's journal, you know... like you do, and I came upon upon this little piece of information:

-posted by Mr. Gaiman's webgoblin-

I'm not sure how I feel about this either!

On the one hand... It always makes me sad to go to Powell's and realize that when I look to where the Douglas Adams books are... there won't be anything new. No new adventures for Arthur or Zaphod or Ford... No way to know if Arthur ever caught up with Fenchurch or what ever DID happen to her (I've often looked up over Hyde Park, when passing through, to see if there are any signs...) Technically, there still wouldn't be any new books there... but... well, you get what I'm saying.

Still! It's like... like trying to restart a truly satisfying dream you were having after being abruptly snapped out of it because of the baby elephant (which turned out to be the boyo's sinus issues)! It just doesn't turn out the same! It comes out all sorts of... WEIRD!


Bee said...

I have never read those books but the hubs loves them.

I love the boots! I am definitely ordering them!

Ceci Virtue said...

You need to read these books as they had me laughing.. nay... guffawing out loud in airplanes! Love, love, LOVE them!

I'm glad you liked the boots! I thought they were pretty shnazzy when my friend Albert got them for me (after I was bemoaning what is the ugliness of footwear)