Tuesday, September 2, 2008



one Monkey.
Goes by the name of Mitch.
Last seen on Sunday morning 8/31/08 flopping around in the bed mixed in with the duvet.
May have been accidentally donated to Goodwill.

I know it's just a stuffed animal, but it's one of the first monkey's that the boyo got me. He flew him out from Las Vegas and he got wings and everything! My sister and I used to get the Mitch report each morning 'cause he's an overdramatic monkey that likes to let you know how he's feeling. Somedays, Mitch was right and it just wasn't worth getting out of bed.

Mitch, I miss you. Please come home.

Seriously, kids, it's put a damper on my whole day!


Anonymous said...

this always works for me...

St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Something's lost and can't be found
St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Help me look around
....for Mitch!!

*fingers crossed*