Monday, March 1, 2010

Lessons in Love, part the second

Well! It seems that my issues are going away. *knock on wood* Let's hope that that wasn't a one time fluke! Haven't slept that soundly in a while! Well, aside from the having to get up and pee in the middle of the night, as per usual.

So ever since I let go of people/ situations, I've been much happier. Mainly I understood that I can't change the way people see things/ understand things and they will always believe what they want to believe. In all fairness, it's what I expect from others, so to do otherwise would be hypocritical. I had to walk away, no matter how dear friends were to me and how much I wanted them to understand the why-s and what-s.

C'est la vie, non?

Things here are going very well. The boyo's happy despite his ridiculous job (it's crazy how much like Office Space it is!). I think mainly what has him maintaining a happy outlook is that relationship wise everything is going well! Family, me, Mae, friends... all just grand! Social life is on the up and that keeps him sane.

Me? I'm in the same boat with the boyo outside of work but work itself is still good here! *knock on wood again* Everyone's just grand! I'm conspiring/ planning my trip to France/ London at the end of April with London and Stephen. I'm sooooo looking forward to it. It'll be fun to wreak some havoc in France with Stephen, me thinks and it'll be great to see London again so soon. Mind you, that does not mean that there aren't other people I'm dying to see as well as being quite excited about Maile and Tim's wedding. Reconnecting with Amander and also getting together so soon after the last trip will be good.

Ah love. It hurts you, it helps you and it weaves its way through everything. I wouldn't trade any of these past and current experiences I've had for the world. So many connections and reconnecting with what I've always know was how I work/ think/ love/ feel has certainly heightened my sense of understanding myself as well as how others fit in my life.

I do know more about love and life than I did before. Learning how it fits and what it means in my relationships (all forms of them) is an ongoing and eye opening process. Having opened myself to what is true to me allows a better understanding of how I love and show it. Because of this, my relationships with those I love are better and stronger for it.


Anonymous said...

you are divine m'dear. that you have made it this far and developed such an understanding...

Anonymous said...

"Ah love. It hurts you, it helps you and it weaves its way through everything."

Technically, I would say that love itself doesn't actually hurt you. I'm thinking aloud here, so bear with me, but I think maybe our attachments or ideas about what love should be create the hurt. Love itself, the energy that flows through all things... the loss of self and the everpresent fall, doesn't hurt.