Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yes, how do they do it?

So the side effect I hate... I think I'd say the most (even more than weight gain) is in full force.

That's right ladies and gents! The higher dosage of Celexa lowered my libido. HA! (See what I did there??) In an attempt to fix this, we're backing down the Celexa to the original dose and pumping up the Lamictal.


Fun with side effects and my sex life!

Seriously, I feel broken and no one wants a broken girl. Oh cruel life! I go from hyper-sexual to non-sexual with no middle ground. WTF?!

What good is life without sex?! The universal question, people, the universal question.


Marginalia said...

"Sex is a fine passtime for now. But when that part of my life is over, I will be perfectly happy with an apple and a good book."

-Noel Coward