Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good news everyone!

As always, A Softer World

Actually... no, no good news. I was just using it a la the Professor in Futurerama where it's always followed by bad news for the crew.

I'm being diagnosed ... they're looking into a possible diagnosis??? ... for ADD. Common for bipolar... but guess what?! MORE MEDS!

I wish they'd just prescribe MDMA and call it good.

ALSO! Today is one of those days when I want to go home from work. I was done with it by 9:30am.

Some of you may have already gotten this rant so just skip the next 3 paragraphs.

I had left a sample on Mark's (one of the guys here) desk about what he thinks of the invitation to our open house. I made it simple and I was playing with fonts. He wasn't here when I was doing this nor when I dropped it off so I couldn't explain to him about how it was just a thought and the font wasn't EVEN set as I just grabbed one to fuck with the wording. ALLLLLL he could go on about today was the font so I told him how that wasn't set, I had grabbed any font since I just wanted an opinion on layout etc. I told him I'm still playing with it and I would take the one I used out of the running, that his thoughts were noted. He goes on to explain WHY the font doesn't work etc. I TOLD YOU I WOULD CHANGE IT!

Katheryn our accountant then decides to talk to Jim, one of the other guys here, right around the corner from me about what she thinks I should do. Apparently yesterday as she was leaving, the elevator wasn't locked. I hadn't locked it as it was ONLY 3 when I left and there were 5 people in the office. I know they all at least have instructions on how to do it, if not know how to do it. NOT ONLY THAT but I had no time to lock it as I was running to catch the MAX because I was late bsince SHE wanted me to install some software for her and talk to tech support about how to do it, despite the fact that I told her I could do it on my own. ANNNNNDDDDDD she knows how to lock the fucking elevator! I specifically gave her instructions and saw her write them down in her planner along with other instructions as to how to get into the building. She wants me to write them down for her again because GOD FORBID she look them up! This was followed by Mark popping out of his office asking me to please post the how to-s on locking/ unlocking the elevator near the elevator door. THEY ALL GOT THE FUCKING INFO ON ALL THIS IN A PACKET I MADE WHEN WE MOVED! PRINT THE FUCKER OUT!

The guy who commented on M's fachaybook about how he thinks coffee is disgusting after she had said that she loves coffee... I wanted to punch in the face! Who says that?! Keep your god damn opinions about what you think is disgusting when a person says they like something. He can go fuck him self in the ass with a chainsaw! I almost replied to him about how that was rude.


Not to mention that yesterday??? My cute little oddly cut plaid skirt??? Katheryn said... "How cute! Your skirt... did you make it yourself by cutting a hole in a table cloth?"



Do people think it's OK to be rude in a... seemingly ok way??? (I really don't know how else to word that... Perhaps Cedric can help)

I'm SOOOO tempted to just give them the rundown about the bipolar diagnosis and how I can't take this shit right now. I'm tempted to tell them so that perhaps they try to not be a 5 year old and to do something on their own as well as so that I can leave RIGHT NOW without any complaints or other explanations. It will also explain my lack of focus lately, which is what has led to the ADD diagnosing.


Not to mention that my period has put me in an irritable mood that is just exacerbating(That's a big word for an 8 year old!) the situation.

I NEEEEEDDDD a trust fund... or to win the lottery... or just enough money to head to KY to join Stephen in his drinking binge.

I'll keep you posted if I do happen to cut a bitch...



Marginalia said...

Oh Ceci, I relate. It is not a happy week for me, so far. Sleep deprivation, a poorly done homework assignment, and my lady days have combined to make me want to stay in bed all week and watch chick flicks 24/7. On the bright side, I got to type the words "lady days." Don't you just love out-dated euphemisms for female biology?