Thursday, September 24, 2009


1) Suicide interventions SUCK ASS... especially when you're in the middle of packing and moving. Last night's attempt at the packing = FAIL!

2) Just because I yell at you (if that's how you see it) and I'm blunt with you does NOT mean I'm not your friend. I expect it from you when I'M being a dumb ass so why not the other way around???

3) If you're looking to have a good time when we all gathered to talk about a suicide attempt you're NUTS! Even if you figured we'd talk about it first and THEN have a grand old time, that's seriously stupid.

4) If you get mad at me because I/ we didn't allow #3 to happen, you have no leg to stand on!

5) I should not go on to gulp down 2 double vodka tonics and smoke half a pack (3/4 of a pack??? ) of Nat Sherman's thereafter.



Juggle Jane said...

Hunh. I have no words for this.