Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She doesn't know any better...

So today... well these past 2 days, really, has the kind of weather I adore. It's crisp out. The sun beats down warmly but there's a chilly little breeze whipping about and the sun is starting to look a little different.

This... is exactly what fall in LA is like. In fact, I was lucky if I got a day like this... 'cause generally it's just... hot.

So my body is feeling a little off in that it's telling me, "It's fall! It's fall!" and here it is, not even Labor Day yet!

My body is also telling me that I need to get back to the gym as I'm feeling totally off kilter from the weirdness that is moving (tonight we tackle the boxes!).

Speaking of moving, so finally getting our own place has me feeling as though I just moved here... again! It's funny, but I look around at all my stuff and I think, "Hey! It's up here with me too!"

I think that that thought is what makes it seem real. I now live in Portland and this is a fact because all my stuff is here. I can now have my toys, and CDs and books and... well, just stuff!
Now I can set up where I would feel best writing, and where to put my books and if I prefer to sit on the back stoop or the front stoop. That kind of thing. I can also have friends over and have cocktail parties (which Long Beach saw only one of, but it was a HIT!). I can just... BE. I can dream there with Da5id, with friends, or just by myself.


Lunch is over... no more day dreaming for the time being.

More later...